The Bardelli family founded LIFEGEN in 1998: the company initially started off as a women and men clothing manufactory,
with a strong know-how on knit fabrics as result from a long experience as façonist for well-known brands at that time.

LIFEGEN distinguishes itself for making collections always rich in details, paying special attention to trimmings and to the quality of the items.
The great experience in handcrafted knitwear joins an innovative spirit which is always searching new materials.
That is always a warrant of comfort and quality of the real Made in Italy.

All processes (from the style creation to the production and the sales) take place
thanks to the solid and young team composed by motivated and professional collaborators.

Our garments are dyed in “eco-friendly method”, which means that a very small amount of water is used;
it’s 300 times less than the traditional industrial dyes. It does not produce any pollutant waste.

LIFEGEN´s Made in Italy is present in more than 30 boutiques in Europe with a brand
which is constantly increasing in the middle-high level segment of the market.